an Everquest guild on Mangler


Bard - Low

Beastlord - HIGH

Berserker - Low

Cleric - Medium

Druid - Low

Enchanter - Closed

Magician - HIGH

Monk - Closed

Necromancer - HIGH

Paladin - HIGH

Ranger - HIGH


Shadow Knight - Closed

Shaman - Low

Warrior - HIGH

Wizard - HIGH


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And just like that we've defeated Classic!

We've officially beat Classic Everquest. Congratulations to everyone on all of our loots and hard work! Some loot highlights from tonight: Sensei on Golden Sash of Tranquility, Klus and Swampey on Runed Bolster Belts and Phaser on a White Dragonscale Cloak! These last few weeks have been amazing! Making new elf pals and raiding classic are some of the best times in EQ for us. We can't wait to see what the future holds!!


We are still recruiting some classes. If you're interested in raiding with us Monday & Thursday 7:30 - 10:30 PST stop by the forums and drop an app.


That being said... let the countdown to Kunark begin!



Kunark launched! Severilous down!

Our first Kunark raid on day two of the expansion was a quick Sev kill to try and get a green dragon scale. Mission accomplished! Grats Vhaen!! Big grats to Geeii and Khag on Dragon Hero Bracers also! ... now back to leveling


A few dead dragons and a dead lizard dude.

We're just over a week into Kunark and we've gotten a lot accomplished! Our hard work leveling and getting epics is paying off. We downed Trak easily, along with Sev, Talendor, Venril Sathir and Faydedar. We finished the night up with some Naggy splits to net us a couple more red scales (yay)!


Many congratulations and thanks all around for an amazing Kunark launch! 


Phara Dar down to 24

We finally wrangled enough Trak Teeth to give VP a go. With four groups we were able to knock PD out! Great job everyone!! Loot was a little underwhelming; but grats Kurby on Yunnb's Earring, Rodric on Claw of Phara Dar and Grumbo on Shield of Elders!


*screenshot from 2nd kill. I failed to take a pic the first time. Grats Crowde and Seev on Crown of Rile!


Recruiting for Velious (...and beyond)!

Velious is coming up and we are looking to bolster our ranks a bit in preparation! We have an amazing raid team and we've blown through the content and continue to. If you're looking to raid a few times a week, a few hours each time and enjoy ridiculous amounts of fun (and loot!!) - look no further! 

Currently our raid schedule is Monday/Thursday from 7:30 - 10:30 PST. Come Velious we'll be tacking on a 3rd day (Sunday) using the same time. 

We can't wait to see what Velious and beyond holds for us! We have an amazing core of people and would love to add a few more talented individuals to our team.

Giants, Dragons and Dwarves - oh my!

We've been pretty busy since the launch! Gear, faction, gems and dragon slaying.

So far we've managed to take out Tormax and Statue (AoW was so close!), Lord Yelinak and many dragons in Temple of Veeshan.

In our off time we've been pretty heavily farming ToV for armor pieces to help us along in raids.

Like the good little photographer that I am (not) I managed to get a whole one picture of our kills.

So here I give you, a slain King Tormax.

We're still looking to recruit some more to help us push out all of the content! If you're interested hop in Discord (link at the top) and shoot Shylar or Rayder a message.

Vulak Down!

Woo grats everyone! Not even a week into the expansion and Vulak has been slain!

Grats to Shylar on Vyrinn's Earring of Insanity, Superman on Camii's Bracer of Vigor, Ainthek on Rowyl's Metal Armguards and Morgoth on Kelsiferous' Armband of Artistry!!

Excellent work everyone - and we even remembered the screenshot!



Down they go..

Made quick work of Kael and all of it's minions on Thursday! Grats Ainthek on Ring of Destruction, Khag on Flayed Barbarian Hide Mask and Alekyne on Flayed Barbarian Skin Leggings!

The Goddess of Growth took a dirtnap right after Kael. Grats Bonethug on Essence of Nature, Hype on Nature's Melody, Serioustoast on Braid of Golden Hair and Shylar on Girdle of Living Thorns! Now, go through Muffins at people!



The Sleeper ..... sleeps

First trip into Sleeper's Tomb and we couldn't have asked for better drops. All four warders down with ease! Grats Kinz and Mirai on Shroud of Longevity, Morgoth on Shield of the Clawed Guardian, Victorio and Shylar on Sceptre of Destruction and Khag and Rayder on Salindrite Daggers! Even Primal Avatar dropped for lil ol' Kazlaan :o)


Snake Emperor Slain!

Luclin launched and we hit the moon running.... after keys, that is!

Five days in and we've managed to vanquish quite a few of our enemies. Lord Seru took a dirtnap the other day, along with Khati Sha and Shei Vinitras. We even ventured into Umbral (for the pink breastplate) - Grats Rigid, you're so pretty now!

Grats Jezzy and Mazrim on their beautiful zoomzoom horsies and Bonethug on Gebron's Demented Cloak from Emp!

HUGE grats and thanks to everyone in the guild that really pushed these keys/banes out to make this happen.

Next up: Vex Thal! 


Aten Ha Ra Ra Ra! Vex Thal Cleared!

I'd like to start off by saying how proud and amazed I am by everyone's dedication to getting these keys knocked out. The teamwork shown by the entire guild was truly awesome. So thank you all again for making us what we are!

That being said, we completely dominated in Vex Thal! It was an amazing three hours with tons of loot well deserved.

Grats to our Aten Ha Ra loot winners; Serioustoast on Talisman of Vah Kerrath, Zooka on Gloves of the Crimson Sigil, Mazrim on Wristband of Secrets and SirHC on Leggings of Judgment!


The expansion everyone's been waiting for. We've made some great progress this first week and are now flagged for the elemental planes! Amazing dedication and drive from some of the best players I've had the pleasure of being guilded with. Time is right around the corner, can't wait!!

Planes of power!!

A Queen, a Tyrant, twelve councilman and an Avatar walk into a bar....

... and they died. Really, I don't know where that joke was going.

Great work to everyone on eliminating Xegony, Fennin, Rathe and Coirnav! Here's a couple screenshots from the kills. Blame Toast for the new models, or me for forgetting to capture pictures (as is tradition).

Time Cleared!

Like always, we've made fast work of conquering the expansion. Here's to a few months of an amazing loot pinata! Well earned and well deserved!

LDoN Adventures!

As everyone knows, Lost Dungeons of Norrath is... not exactly the most exciting expansion in EverQuest. With that said, we are still mowing these raids down weekly and improving our time gear with some sweet augs (oh man +hp regen!) as we prepare for Gates of Discord.


We're also looking to round out the roster and add in a few classes before Gates hits. If you've been thinking about applying and are one of the classes listed that we need... drop an app and reach out to Shylar or Rayder in discord!


In closing, please enjoy the following picture of us enjoying our time in the Lost Dungeons.

Hype Conquers Gates of Discord with his Best Friends

A long overdue update. This is the first time in Gates for many in our guild. A lot weren't really sure what to expect, but we've been crushing it! 


Everyone worked together to get the necessary flagging and keys done quickly. We've been breezing through the content and getting rewarded handsomely.


Our first clear through Tacvi was a lot easier than anyone anticipated. Grats to Always and Phaser on their new fancy robes, Drape of the Merciless Slaver, Victorio on his new shiny leggings, Greaves of the Tunat'Muram, Morgoth on completing his Breakdown in Communications quest and Moriak on the Assistant Researcher's Symbol!


Amazing teamwork by all. Let's keep this momentum going. Omens up next!



Omens Cleared!

Once again the guild has come together and absolutely crushed it with keying. People said it couldn't be done in the timeline we set, but we knocked it out of the park! Not bad for a casual, two-day a week guild!

Thanks everyone for the amazing teamwork you've shown time and time again! We truly appreciate every one of you!

Grats to Krenok, Nirox, Griven and Mirai on our guild's first Epic 2.0's! Many, many more to come.



We did it, we did it! We slayed a dragon! Two actually! In an expansion named DRAGONS of Norrath, you'd think there would be more... but Everquest.

Grats to everyone on the amazing loots!


We're looking for a few more to join our dragon slaying ranks. If your class is open, feel free to apply! Still raiding on Mon/Thurs from 730-1030 PST and keeping all of our raid targets down in those 6 hours. So if you're into smooth raids and ridiculous banter in Discord, we might just be the place for you!


Recruitment is open!

Recruitment for DoDH is open!

Who are we?:

The Final Encore has been on Mangler from the start of the server. A lot of us have known each other for years, even before starting here.

We have a great core, strong leadership and are dedicated to advancing as far as we can go on this TLP.

We raid two nights a week. Monday/Thursday from 7:30-10:30 PST. We only require 30% raid attendance to maintain raider status!

We're looking for dedicated players that want to advance along side us! We can offer you painless, fast, efficient raiding that will, in turn, allow you to acquire all the pixelated treasures your heart desires.

We've changed things up a bit regarding applications and it will all go through Discord now.

If you are interested in joining, click the Apply link at the top of this page and once you've 'posted' your application, Rayder or Shylar will be in touch with you!

We look forward to dragon slaying with you! :)