Application Template
Please copy/paste the following and create a New Thread with your Name - Class as the title. Fill out the application and then join our Discord and an officer will get in touch with you. :)

Character Name:

Do you have a microphone/headset?:
Discord handle? (ex: Shylar#9294):

Do you feel comfortable in your class role? (ie: Warrior tanking, Monk pulling):
Do you have your epic?:
Anguish keyed?:
Qvic keyed?:
Txevu keyed?:

Do you box?:
If yes, how many/class(es)?:

Play time:
Are you able to attend 30% of raids?:

Previous guild and raid experience:

Why The Final Encore?:

What do you expect from us?:

Did one of our members refer you to us? If so, who?

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